There are 6 topics to choose from .... and there are 24 pupils in the class. We need to divide ourselves into groups of 4 so that we can work collaboratively to complete the project. The bullet points below might help us to get started.

      • We are now "textbook writers." Our goal is to make a better, more a more interesting textbook fit for the 21st Century
      • We can add things to this wiki that paper textbooks can't dream of doing: videos, photo galleries, primary sources and podcasts can all be easily included here.
      • We have divided ourselves into small collaborative working groups, and have decided who is going to do which part of the wiki.
      • We will also write reflective posts each week in our own individual blogs
      • We have worked hard this year to develop the skills to produce interesting posts in all our class blogs and wikis.
      • Now we have the chance to show off our skills by taking part in this project

The Final Product

When we are all finished with our own sections, we will combine the whole project on a single page, and try to make it look like a professional wikipedia.