This is our Aussie Slang page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people in our group are:

Jamie Lapsley
Jamie Donaldson
Thomas Nathaniel
James Rutherford

"The term 'slang' (some language references, such as the Macquarie Dictionary, prefer to use the term 'colloquialism') describes a characteristic of speech (or writing) where a speaker (or writer) feels free to express themselves informally and often outside the confines of correct grammar or social niceties. These expressions are usually cheeky, personal and amusing."

Here is a powerpoint that the group have worked on.

Here is a powerpoint that Jamie L and James have done

Here is a podcast we did about a lady who was in australia

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We have also found this site full of aussie slang words it can be viewed


"Australian english began to branch off from British English soon after the foundation of the colony of New South Wales in 1778. The inhabitants were mostly British prisoners who were sent there. They borrowed some words from the aboriginies such as boomerang and kangaroo. They also invented some slang words such as bonzer for good and tucker for food."