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Miss Burton brought in her digiridoo to show us. James and Rachael are holding it. It looks (and sounds) super!! Ryan and Sophie interviewed her to find out more. You can listen to the podcast below.

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Mrs Williamson discusses the Aboriginal Art pictures we produced. We'll put them on here soon!! Press the link below to listen to the podcast.


Create Your Own

We interviewed Mrs Green's son to find out all about how he learned to play the Digiridoo!

Listen to Neil as he plays this instrument!!

I have found a page all about Australian aborigines just click here to have a look.

The people in my group are Me (I'm chloe), Kayleigh, Becca (but her real name is rebecca) and Nathan we are doing Australian Aborigines it wasn't excactlly the topic we wanted but we'll manage to do it.The topic we wanted to do was Aussie slang if not Aussie slang then we would have had Aussie Animals but we never got the either.

We will be back to put more on soon Bye for now.

Hi I'm Rebecca and I made a bubbleshare slideshow

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Kakadu national park may have been inhabited over

forty-thousand years ago.

The Aborigines are the original inhabitats of

Australia and can be traced back 40 000 years. From


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