Australian Stories

A page for our Australian Friends - The AllStars

We have been studying Australian History this term and thought that we could re-tell some of our favourite stories.
We have researched our stories by finding out about the time in history, the people involved and the events that took place.
Next we decided on what view our story would take and how we wanted to present it.

We came up with a list of ways to present on this wiki, and have written drafts and plans to sort out our ideas so our stories will be interesting and fun to read/watch.


By Arena



By Kesaia


By Gloria


By Emily


May 1813

New Land Found!

On the 3rd of May three brave and fearless men - Gregory Blaxland, WilliamSetting_out.JPG
Lawson and William Wentworth set off on a quest to conduct an expedition
to find a way across the mountains. The Governor, Lachlan Macquarrie
needed them to find new pastures to graze sheep on.

On their expedition, the men took four pack horses, and 5 barbaric hunting
dogs. They also had four other people with them, three of these were convicts.
The supplies for a six week journey contained slated meat, tents, compasses
cutting tools and guns.

The men took the main ridge which led them up into the mountains. Then the
men went down into a beautiful valley between the mountains with a river andOver_the_top.JPG
let their horses drink after the long journey.

After many days, the men's supplies were nearly gone, but they set off early
one morning and reached a spot on top of the mountains where the view was
magnificant! They could see for miles - green plains of grass and trees that
stretched beyond the horizon.

Sadly, their supplies were minute, and so they had to return down the mountain
as soon as they could. The Governor heard they had returned and rewarded the
men with money and land and told them they were very brave.

News soon spread about the men, and people were able to travel through the
mountains and farm the land on the other side.



February 12th 1828


The daring convict, Martin Cash has escaped from Port Arthur
with bushrangers Kavanagh and Jones. They escaped from the
most dangerous penal settlement in Van Deiman's Land
(Tasmania) called Port Arthur. After he escaped from the
secured port, he began his bushranging career.

His clothes were ragged and ripped, so he robbed a farmer. He
stole some priceless clothes and fresh meat. Now many convicts
are escaping into the bush to become bushrangers.

Mrs Cash, reluctant to keep following Martin around returned to
Hobart. Martin, outraged, unable to find his wife when he came
back home, tried to find her to no avail.

Later on Cash found out that Bessie (his wife) was with another
man. He was furious and swore that he would kill them both. He
tried to make his way to Hobart with Kavanagh, although disguised
as a sailor, he was quickly spotted. The police outnumbered
the bushrangers, rapidly and they were caught and
trialled for murder. They were sentenced to death
for murder, by hanging. However, a last minute
reprieve saw the men sent to Norfolk Island penal

Now other convicts, seeing how easily Cash escaped are trying to
escape as well. Bushrangers are now invading all parts of Australia.
Bushrangers everywhere! Country and City! Towns are being held
up and citizens taken as hostages.

Gold - Edward Hargraeves

By Yilmaz

Gold by Sharon


Gold Gold Gold

July 21st 1851

Edward Hargraves finds gold with John Lister, William Tom and John Tom at Bathurst
starting a Gold Rush. People are now flooding to Australia to find gold. Over one third
of people are women. There were about 4000 000 to over one million people. Now you
have to pay 30 shillings as a fee each month.

Kerr Hundredweight nugget was just found. Louis Michael just found gold in Ballarat in
Victoria. Thomas Peter found specks of gold in the valley known as Specimen Valley.

If you are sick please do not come until you are better as you are harming the natives -
as you're bringing diseases and and many aborigines are dying.

Remember bring 30 shillings!




February 12th 1851


There has been an amazing discovery of gold in the dry plains of Bathurst New
South Wales. The discovery was made by the prolific Edward Hammond Hargraves.
But people have been infuriated because the news was suppressed by the Governors.

There have now been reports that many foreigners are planning to come to Australia
in search of a better life.Gold has been said to be higlhy valued and can be used to
make many things such as jewellry, and if mined by individuals it can be sold for a
healthy amount of money.

Many locals have already made the decision to start mining for gold especially on
their own land. If gold is found on your own land it can be claimed as your gold
immediately it is also legal to sell the gold.


5th December, 1854


Over the past few months, provoked Police Officers and soldiers have been
resentfully attacking weary goldminers in the fertile grass around Ballarat,

The attacks occured on the 3rd of December 1854 when a party of 276 Officers
charged to attack the stockade. The attacking party was led by Captain JW.
They attacked because the Governors wanted to keep all the gold for
themselves. The Governors were selfish and greedy. Thousands and thousands
of gold were hidden in places unknown.

The Ballarat miners built a stockade so that they could defend themselves,
and not get injured by the police officers.Unfortunately, the police charged
when the miners weren't ready and the battle lasted just a short time.

When people heard the news of the gold strikes, they decide to come to Australia
to mine for gold for their families. Many assertive miners arrived at the goldfields
near Ballarat. Several struggled to find gold, a few have died due to the blazing
hot heat of the sun. How will the Governors react to this nonsense? What will they
do? Well we will just have to wait to find out in the next edition of THE DAILY



Ned was born in Beveridge, Victoria, just north of Melbourne in 1855. Ned was baptised by Augustinian monk, Charles O'Hea. As a boy, he attended school and risked his life to save a boy from drowning. As a reward, he was given a green sash by the boy's family.

The Kelly's were always suspected of horse or cattle stealing., though they were never convicted. Red Kelly (Ned's father) was arrested when he killed and skinned a calf, which the police said belonged to a neigbour. He was found not guilty of theft, but guilty of having removed the brand from the skin and fines 25 pounds or 6 months hard labour.

Red Kelly died on 27th December when Ned was only eleven and a half. He was forced to leave school to become the head of the family. It was at this time that the Kelly family moved to the Glenrowan area of Victoria, which to this day is known as Kelly country.

Ned grew up in poverty in some of the harshest conditions in Australia, and folk tales tell of his sleeping on the ground in the bush during freezing Victorian winters.


By Momtahina


By Natalie


By Naomi


May 1887



Warning! Stay away from the Victorian country-side!

Dushan C
ATTENTION Victorians: Ned Kelly is on the run and he will kill anyone in his path.
The Police are looking for him everywhere! But there is no sign of him. Somebody
is reported to have seen him stealing horses from the Kent Farm. He has already
killed and murdered 3 policemen at Stringy-Bark-Creek so don't let it be you -

Any more information or locations you must immediately send information to the
Police Station at Rockman St Castlemaine. or Melbourne.

Ned Kelly's Life

By Martin


By Sarah



16 May 1865

The infamous Ben Hall was just shot yesterday in Forbes, NSW.
This notorious bushranger got shot yesterday by 8 policemen.
Right now I will tell you the story of his life in this special tribute
to Ben Hall.

Early Years

Ben Hall was born in 1837 on the 9th May in Maitland, in the Hunter
Valley of NSW. This mischeivous child belonged to Bejamin Hall
& Elizabeth Somers. Ben Hall was the third child to be born in his family.

When Ben was 19 he married Biddy Walsh and after they were married
they had a child who grew up also to be a bushranger.

Ben worked as a stockman and then became a small land owner. He
worked hard to make his land bigger and he was always musteringben_hall.jpg
horses and cattle. One day, after coming back from a muster, he found
that his wife had run away with their son to marry an ex-policeman.

After his wife ran away, Ben decided to become a bushranger so he
stole a horse and joined a gang. He was a nice man who didn't want
to hurt anyone.


Even though many of the gang members were more violent than Ben,
he soon became their leader. This gang robbed farm houses, stage
coaches carrying mail and gold, and country hotels. In one robbery
they locked the citizens of the city in the hotel and threw a party that
lasted 3 days!!!!!! Through all the gangs' robberies, they were so
successful that they embarrassed the police!

Ben Hall was not a killer, andfor a while he was able to run his gang
without killing anyone. At this point, the police were really after Ben
Hall and his Gang with a reward for his capture: dead or alive.

Wanted: Dead or Alive!

Ben Hall heard the news but didn't tell his gang, and so Ben decided
to go to America. He asked his friend for money, but instead, his friend
told the police where Ben was hiding.

Ben was woken from his sleep by police approaching. When he stood
up, he was shot dead by 8 policemen; at least 15 bullets went into his
body. His life as a bushranger had lasted less than 3 years.


By Nancy