Hello everybody and welcome to my new wiki, as you know we are doing our topic on Australia. We got put into different groups and we got to choose what topic we wanted to do there were -



Australian Aborigines

Aussie Slang

Aussie Animals and


My group's topic is Celebrations and for the past few weeks my group has to find things about Celebrations.

I found this page on the internet and it is very interesting if you want to see it click the word Australia it is all about Australian birthdays only the children though.

Here is a little bit about Australia


Australians are a nation of festival-goers, always keen to celebrate the nation's comedy and arts, food and wine, music and culture, sport and heritage. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra each boast major arts festivals which spotlight the best in dance, jazz, theatre, opera and more.

Henley on Todd
Held in the centre of Alice Springs, the Henley on Todd, a waterless regatta, is a fun and hilarious event. All sorts of weird and wonderful competitors turn up to race in bottomless boats, bathtubs and yachts in deep sand. more info ยป
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http://www2.australia.com/whats_on/Festivals/Event_Pg_STD1.aust?I=Festivals.xml&L=en&C=US Igot the information from this site just click on it and and then it will tell you somethings about Australia.

I Am Aborigine

i am born of the land ,my soul is the sun Nature is my mother ,I am ,mother natures own son The wind is my spirit ,running wild,running free .The water is my mirror,reflecting visions of me.I am like a great river that slowly runs dry.Poulluted and abused Iam the river ,slowly -i die i am a child of the earth ,created from dust.I live for the land ,taking only what i must. I am a hunter of animals ,im imitaing stance