My group are studying Aussie Slang and i found this wonderful link. Austrailia came from Australis which means 'of the south' in latin.. Austrailia was first used round a bout 1962 in england. G'day mate basically means hello.

the names






Anyway here is a slang sentance:

"G' day lizze lets throw anotha shrimp on the barbie."

the phrase ''g ' day mate" was popularised by a guy named Paul Hogan.

here is a podcast about austalian words. Hope you find them out!

here is another link of aussie slang

here is our statement about aussie slang

At first, when we did Aussie slang it took us a while to find some websites but we eventually found some. then we moved on to aussie slang pictures and we only found 1!!!!!!!! then we got some info from thomas. all in all it was a very difficult subject to work on.