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Here are some famous landmarks in Australia. Can you name them?

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external image sydney.jpgSydney harbour bridge. external image 12apostles.jpgBotany bay. external image pichi.jpg A famous railway station.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge:

Weighing 52800 tonnes, with an arch span of 503m the bridge was opened in 1932. It is one of the longest one-bow bridges in the world with a length of 1 150m. The bridge is just 66 cm shorter than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Over 200 000 cars cross the bridge per day, paying a toll of $2 each. Approx 80,000 litres of paint are required for each coat, enough to cover an area equivalent to 60 soccer fields. Paul Hogan (from the movie Crocodile Dundee) used to work on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a painter. Ayers Rock (Ulluru) Uluru: Located in Ulura-Kata Tjuta National Park 450kms south west of Alice Springs, it is the world’s largest monolith (single stone) and an Aboriginal sacred site. Aboriginal rock art can be seen at the base of The Rock. Known as Ayers rock before being returned to its traditional owners, the rock is made of grey/red arkose 347.3m tall & 8.85km in circumference. It is in the Northern Territory, almost at the centre of the country & is approx 2000km from most of the capital cities. I got this information from A fact about Australia: Australia is the largest island in the world. It has an area of 7,682,300 square kilometres . That is bigger than the whloe of Europe !!!!!!!! Bye Sophie , I got this fact from a book called Focus on Australia.

Many famous Australian landmarks are mentioned in the book sent to us by our Allstars friends in Australia.

external image australia.gif

We returned to school today after our Easter break to find the most wonderful surprise! Our friends Mrs P and the AllStars have sent us a beautiful book all about Australia …. and the card is fantastic, too! It's a beautiful book that we enjoy looking at again and again!!

Alison Lester, the author visited the Allstars. Sokiena wrote about her visit on their class blog. You can read her post below.

" A number of kids worked with her and she showed us how she did her books. She said that she had steps and this is how she does them:
  • She sketches her pictures,
  • Starts her writing,
  • Does the colours for her pictures,
  • Does the cover,
  • Checks if her editor approves.
She is a really good drawer and she says that it isn’t hard to make your own book you can just make anything you want. You can keep your work as a book that you made or you can see if anyone likes it and sell it to them. We had to write about either food, school, games and sport.
We had to draw a picture of us doing what we chose to write about: for example say Iwas writing about food I would say “Sokeina likes to eat hotchips and chicken for lunch.” Then iI would have to draw a picture of me eating chicken and chips. The teachers said that Alison Lester signed a few things for us and there going to give us those things hopefully in a few weeks."
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By Sokeina

Some of the landmarks are mentioned here



Uluru or what was once known as Ayers rock is the world's largest monolith.It is a dedicated Aboriginal sacred site.
it is located in the Northern Territory near the city of Alice Springs. Walking tours to the top of Ayers Rock are organised by local Aborigines.
This most striking landmark changes its colour and perception depending on the time of day and the season.
external image ayersrock_small.jpg


Lake Eyre is Australia's largest salt lake, situated in the driest region of the country. When dry which is its usual state , the lake bed is a glistening sheet of white salt.
The lake itself was named after Edward John Eyre who in 1840 became the first European to sight it.
To the East and North East of the lake lie three of the country hottest and driest deserts. Water winds its way through these deserts through a network of channels but the majority of water is lost to evaporation and absorption along the way.
When the lake does fill up which has only been on three occasions in the 20th century, it becomes temporally Australia's largest lake.
external image lake_eyre_small.jpg
Picture of Lake Eyre taken from space.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened in 1932 after nine years of construction . The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the largest single arch bridge in the world and is nicknamed the coathanger because of its unique look.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is over a kilometre long..
As an added attraction to this already famous landmark , it is now possible to climb to the top of the Bridge as organised tour.
external image sydney_harbour_small.jpg

The Great Barrier Reef is located to the East of the State of Queensland. It is the largest coral reef in the world.
A coral reef is several thousand organisms (living things) living together.They look dormant almost like underwater bush but in fact they are very much alive. They grow very slowly. it takes 100 years for 1 inch of coral to grow.
it gives life to over 1500 types of fish and there are very strict laws regarding fishing within the reef.
It is one Australia's largest tourist attractions and about 1.5 million people visit annually.
external image reef_small.jpg

The Sydney Opera House was opened by Queen Elizabeth the Second on the 20th of October 1973.
It located close to the heart of Sydney and it easily recognised by its multiple "sail" roof.
It is said to be the busiest performing Arts Centre in the world with over 3000 events per year.
external image operahouse_small.jpg
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