This is a powerpoint all about Australian Celebrations.

I found this page on the internet and it is very interesting if you want to see it click the word Australia it is all about Australian birthdays only the children though.

external image _38644549_sydney.jpg A spectacular display in Sydney at New Year

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The tradition of an Australian Christmas Eve carol service lit by candles was started in 1937 by radio announcer Norman Banks. This outdoor service has now been held in Melbourne every year since then.

Carols by Candlelight events today range from huge gatherings, which are televised live throughout the country, to smaller local community and church events. Sydney's Carols in the Domain has become a popular platform for the stars of stage and music. Some uniquely Australian Christmas carols have become popular and are included alongside the more traditional carols sung at carol services and at Christmas church services: John Wheeler's The Three Drovers is perhaps the best known of these. Many light hearted Australian Christmas songs have become an essential part of the Australian Christmas experience. These include Rolf Harris's Six White Boomers, Colin Buchanan's //Aussie Jingle Bells// and the //Australian Twelve Days of Christmas//.

Here are some games from Australia Day website for kids - Rocky The Cocky Save Australia Day and Australia Day Memory Game!