long ago in the dreamtime when the world was very young,all the birds and animals spokethe same lanuage.All lived forever -no one ever died so non of the creaturesknew about death.

one morning a young cockatoo was playing high up in a tree swinging on a branch when he slipped and fell to the ground landing on his head very hard.The other animals clapped but the cockatoo did not move.They tried to wake him but he just lay there.A wise old wombat looked at the young bird and to the others that he had broken his neck.The animalas belive that the spirits had done this so they called a meeting of all the animals under a big old gum tree to discuss this problem.

While they were talking,the spirits came and took

<</body>Here is a famous landmark try and guees what one it is.

Koala's are night animal's and do most of there time eating and walking from tree to tree after you're in bed.
The word koala is an aboriginal word meaning I don't drink water. I get my liquid refreshment from the leaves I eat.

Koala Bear

The Koala is one of Australia's best known animals. It is an icon represented when promoting Australia to the tourist industry, and in general people adore these cuddly creatures. There are two species, the Southern Koalas and the Northern Koalas.

Koalas are often referred to as a Koala bear. However they are not a bear. The name Koala comes from an Aboriginal word. It means "no drink", as Koalas get enough fluids through the eucalyptis leaves they feed on. Koalas are found all over east Australia, mainly in the south east.

The male Koalas are larger than the females. Southern koalas are larger than Northern koalas. They have a grey soft furred coat, with a white chest. A flat nose and big ears, and clawed feet for climbing.

They are very placid animals, and do not move around much, they are only active for about 2 hours of the day.

The old Australian joke of "Koalas: Eats Roots & Leaves" is not quite correct. Koalas feed on eucalyptis leaves, which they have a variety of twelve different species to choose from. This is basically the only thing they do eat, although there are a few exceptions.

Did you know?Did you know? Koalas make an extremely loud and agressive growling noise.

I got this imformation from http://www.australianfauna.com/koala.php