"Imagine schools around the world working together: finding information, posting ideas and pictures, figuring out together how to solve problems. The wiki, in this way, has some of the greatest potential for moving beyond the traditional classroom dynamic of teacher-->student-->evaluation to one that exploits the power of the Internet to create networks of motivated learners from around the world."

Primary 7V are now in their last term of this session and will soon be moving on to Larbert High School. We decided to do something really adventurous and use this opportunity to find a new way of working in the 21st Century. We got some ideas from this great wiki.

Below is an extract from our Class Blog. We contacted a couple of Australian schools and asked them for some advice. The advice was great and it inspired us to try out this new venture!

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"Next term, we’re going to be learning all about Australia. We contacted some of our Australian ‘blogging’ friends for some advice.

//Mr Upton and the mini Legends// sent us this email.

Hi Everyone
I’m the teacher of the Year 3 miniLegends in South Australia. We go to
Glenelg School which is in probably the most famous beach of Adelaide. I
see you are studying Australia - we brainstormed this morning about
different aspects you might like to research. My class were going to leave
some comments and suggestions - I don’t know if that happened. Probably
most of them just said “your blog is really cool” … because it is external image icon_smile.gif
Might I suggest using a couple of websites as springboards to your learning
Check out this excellent site by Jackie Miers
and the equally wonderful one by Sue Lemmer
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page - and don’t forget to search
You’re the stars, may your wishes come true
Cheers, Al (sometimes they call me Mr Upton)

Our ‘07 AllStars’ friends from Sydney gave us this advice

Hello Carronshore,
How exciting that you are studying Australia. Here are some ideas to get you started - we will have another think later and get back to you!
Settlement - who & when
Australian Aborigines
Aussie slang
Aussie animals
Can’t wait to see your Aboriginal Artworks.
We are studying “Identity” this year too.
What do you know about Australia already?

We don’t know very much yet ….. but all this advice is just great. We’ll use this wiki to write our 'book' and we’ll post regularly about all the things we learn on our individual blogs..

P7 AllStars in Sydney are also adding to this wiki. Here is a post from their main Blog.

It’s All Happening …… Posted by **AllStars** on May 30th, 2007

Sparks are flying in the computer room here at school - we are all working so hard on our “Australian Stories” for the **Australia Topic** we are working on with Carronshore. Some people are preparing PowerPoints, others are writing newspaper articles, Celia is working on a video production/interview, and Sharon has started a trend in Toondoo comics!!!! The deadline for completion is this Friday - so “get cracking” AllStars (you will have to look that slang up on the wiki :) ) don’t let your class or your country down!!!

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