Our group is doing Australian Celebrations.

Me and Marc have put a powerpoint on our wiki. You can see it below.


Anzac day.

On 25 April every year Australians commemorate Anzac Day.

What is it Australians commemorate on Anzac Day? Read the answer below.

On 25 April 1915 Australia was at war. With the Allies (Britain, France and Russia, Italy, Japan, and the USA [from 1917]), Australia was fighting against the Central Powers (Germany, Turkey [then known as the Ottoman Empire], Austria-Hungary). In response to a request for help from Russia, which was being battered by the Turks in the Caucasus, the Allies decided to begin a campaign which they hoped would distract Turkey from their attack on Russia. The plan was for the Allies to attack and take the Gallipoli Peninsula, on Turkey's Aegean coast, from which point the Allies believed they could take control of the Dardanelles - a 67 kilometre (42 mile) strait which connects the Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara - and lay seige to Turkey's main city, Istanbul (then Constantinople).


The AllStars had this 'Anzac Day' cartoon on their blog.

Posted by AllStars on May 21st, 2007
Here is our first attempt at using Toondoo!
Hope you like it!
It is really B I G scroll down to see it!
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The pupils also wrote 'Anzac stories' on their personal blogs.

ANZAC Stories

Posted by AllStars on 7th May 2007
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This past week we have been writing some ANZAC stories on our personal blogs.
We imagined what it would be like to be fighting in the First World War and wrote stories, journal entries or letters back home.
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We would love for you to read them and comment on our work.
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Here is a picture of Sydney at New Year


Here is a link to a page about Australia Day.

Here are some games from Australia Day website for kids - Rocky The Cocky Save Australia Day and Australia Day Memory Game

We interviewed Elizabeth and asked her about some Australian celebrations. Mrs Wells, Elizabeth's mum, works in our school. Elizabeth spent a year living in Australia working as a nurse ..... she loved it so much that she is going back there soon to live!!!