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Lake Eyre is Australia's largest salt lake, situated in the driest region of the country. When dry which is its usual state , the lake bed is a glistening sheet of white salt.

The lake itself was named after Edward John Eyre who in 1840 became the first European to sight it.
To the East and North East of the lake lie three of the country hottest and driest deserts. Water winds its way through these deserts through a network of channels but the majority of water is lost to evaporation and absorption along the way.
When the lake does fill up which has only been on three occasions in the 20th century, it becomes temporally Australia's largest lake.
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Picture of Lake Eyre taken from space.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened in 1932 after nine years of construction . The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the largest single arch bridge in the world and is nicknamed the coathanger because of its unique look.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is over a kilometre long..
As an added attraction to this already famous landmark , it is now possible to climb to the top of the Bridge as organised tour.
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The Great Barrier Reef is located to the East of the State of Queensland. It is the largest coral reef in the world.
A coral reef is several thousand organisms (living things) living together.They look dormant almost like underwater bush but in fact they are very much alive. They grow very slowly. it takes 100 years for 1 inch of coral to grow.
it gives life to over 1500 types of fish and there are very strict laws regarding fishing within the reef.
It is one Australia's largest tourist attractions and about 1.5 million people visit annually.
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The Sydney Opera House was opened by Queen Elizabeth the Second on the 20th of October 1973.
It located close to the heart of Sydney and it easily recognised by its multiple "sail" roof.
It is said to be the busiest performing Arts Centre in the world with over 3000 events per year.
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